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This is a site all about me, thanks so much for visiting. I hope you learn more about me through my website!

Here are some images from my trip to Hawaii!

It was a great holiday, which I talk about more below.

My trip to Hawaii

These past July holidays my sister, Mum, Dad and I went to Hawaii for 10 days. On the last day of school we came home, finished packing and drove to the airport. We boarded the eight-hour red eye flight and arrived in Hawaii and about mid-day Hawaiian time. From there we caught a limo (!) to our hotel. The next six days were spent in Waikiki, where we shopped for ten hours straight one time. After that we took a short flight to Maui. We spent five days there and all got a good tan/burn. It was an amazing way to spend the holidays, just a shame to get back to the bad weather in NZ! You can book your own flights to Hawaii here.

30 Facts About Me

1) I'm 14 2) My birthday is the 25th of August 3) When I was 10 a dog bit my face and I needed stiches. I have a scar under my right eye 4) When I'm older I want to live in the UK 5) My favorite subjects are art, textiles and product design 6) I'm quite into photography 7) My favourite colour is pink (you can probably tell by the colour scheme) 8) I own a dog called Lola 9) I'm half Australian and half New Zealander 10) I used to live in Australia 11) I moved to NZ when I was eight 12) I LOVE to shop and spend 10 hours shopping in Hawaii 13) I have freckles even though no one in my immediate family does 14) I love to drink tea and I usually have a cuppa every day 15) I have an older sister who looks the opposite to me in my opinion 16) Apperently I'm the mother out of my friends 17) I have a really close group of neighbours, and we go on trips together 18) I'm learning Spanish in attempt to one day be fluent 19) My favourite restaraunt is Mexico and I can't go without having the fried chicken 20) My least favourite subjects are Science and Math 21) I pretty much can't go without dessert 22) I prefer sweet over savoury 23) I don't like salt! It's really weird but I'd never add salt 24) I looove pastels and navy 25) One of my favorite items I own is my Tiffany's necklace 26) I have English and Scottish heritage (people always tell me I'm really British?) 27) I love to watch Victoria and Great British Bake Off 28) I play netball, tennis and horse riding 29) My favourite cuisine is Italian 30) My biggest pet peeves are loud eaters and drinkers

Getting a dog bite

I wasn't sure if I wanted something like this on my blog, but nothing else is very interesting so oh well. When I was 10 I went to my friend's house for a couple of hours. We went to a live show which I think was magic and then came back to her house to eat lunch. Once that was over we decided to play Mafia (I have never played it, even to this day). Since neither me or her brother (who was going to play too) had played before, she took him to another room to explain so I wouldn't find out his character. While she was gone I waited in their lounge with her dog(At that point I didn't have a dog so I saw their dog as mine, since I named it and helped pick it out of the litter). While they were gone I reached out to pat their dog and I guess he felt territorial as I was the only one there, because he lunged at me and caught the area next to my nose, SUPER close to my eye (I was so close to being blinded). I ended up getting stitches and taking two weeks off school.

You've reached the end!

I hope you enjoyed reading my website and you learnt something about me that you didn't already know :)